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Mediation in Hawaii
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Protecting the Children
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When it comes time to separate one family into two families, heightened
reactions can cloud issues and prolong important decisions. Mediation is
strongly recommended by the Family Court and many attorneys for all
domestic separations. A Mediator provides you with an affordable,
private way to manage difficult feelings and issues on your own.
Agreements can be included in your final case presented to the court.
      When it comes to insuring that children are protected, educated and cared for during the separation of thier parents and beyond, the Hawaii court system takes its responsibility very seriously. However, the Court would rather see you work it out than making them work it out for you.
If your children are under 18 years old you must provide the same
information in the divorce packet to the Court whether or not you are
legally married. A Mediator can help you get the co-parenting, custody
and visitation agreements worked out and written down. While no
attorney is legally necessary to obtain a divorce, it is always a good
idea to consult with a Family Law specialist about your rights.

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