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Catherine Lampton
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Mediation in Hawaii
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When Elders Have Special Needs
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Elder mediation, or Family (Ohana) Mediation, has emerged over the last
ten years in response to a growing number of conflicts arising from
change-of-life decisions in the care of a family elder:

           Living Arrangements • Medical/End-of-Life Decisions
        Care Giving Health Care Planning • Spirituality & Aging
         Relationships, Social Life & Activities• Diet & Nutrition
              Powers of Attorney • Estate Planning • Probate
         Guardianship / Conservatorship • Financial Management
               Safety• Preserving Family History/Traditions

Facing difficult yet necessary decisions can heighten emotions among
family members, causing tension, confusion and delays in needed care.
A Mediator assures that all voices, especially the elder's, are heard and
respected. Family relationships can improve when challenging emotions
and issues are resolved together with a neutral Mediator.

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