Catherine Lampton, Senior Mediator
Catherine Lampton
  Senior Mediator
  (808) 640-1080
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Mediation in Hawaii
Integrity · Clarity · Professionalism · Heart
Get More Out of Your Meeting
Plan Ahead · Use a Neutral Facilitator · Respect All
Mediation&More assists group leaders to create environments that
encourage communication, collaboration and productivity. Neutral
facilitators provide the opportunity for all participants to be heard,
respected, recorded and included in the process. That can energize and
empower all group members toward achieving shared goals.
     As with all facilitations, there is no way to guarantee a particular
outcome. While the facilitator manages the process, the group controls
the content and the pace. We can guarantee a good faith effort and
proven techniques and processes led by skilled facilitators to:

                              PLAN the environment
                              CREATE an agenda
                              ANNOUNCE the meeting
                              MANAGE the process
                              RECORD the responses, and
                              SUMMARIZE it all in writing

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