Catherine Lampton, Senior Mediator
Catherine Lampton
  Senior Mediator
  (808) 640-1080
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Real Estate
Mediation in Hawaii
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When Things Escalate . . . Mediate
Affordable · Durable · Fast
Conflicts over real property can escalate quickly when your home,
land and or contract deadlines are involved. If the parties settle through
mediation, they save $1000s in legal fees and 100s of hours of stress
and sleep! We mediate:

          Landlord/Tenant Disagreements • Property Settlements
                Transaction/Contract Disputes • Probate Issues
        End-of-Life Decisions • Homeowner Association Conflicts

A Mediator can help parties reach an agreement that is both affordable
and binding. Some contracts and courts now require mediation for
resolving disputes. Mediation leaves decision-making power in the
hands of the parties themselves, not the courts.

Catherine has practiced real estate in Hawaii and trains Agents and Brokers to increase their mediation and conflict resolution skills.

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