Catherine Lampton, Senior Mediator
Catherine Lampton
  Senior Mediator
  (808) 640-1080
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Mediation in Hawaii
Integrity · Clarity · Professionalism · Heart
Become a Better Communicator
Listen · Understand · Be Understood
Mediation&More trains individuals, couples, families and organizations
to relate and function more effectively in both professional and personal
environments. Being able to understand, to be understood and to resolve
conflict are the building blocks for all satisfying, successful relationships.
Mediation and negotiation build upon those blocks and turn them into an
art. These skills along with some personal diligence will change your
interactions with others in valuable and satisfying ways. We promise!
Please contact us for Private Sessions and Custom Trainings.

Conflict Resolution & Negotiation Techniques - 3 hours each
   Basic Survival Kit                         Navigating Difficult Personalities
   Negotiation & Mediation              Putting It All Together

Mediation, Diplomacy & More - 3 hours each
   Basic Tools: Keep it Simple!       Managing Difficult Personalities
   Get More of What You Want      Intimate/Personal Communications

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